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    Safely double your retirement spending compared to a regular IRA

    Spending down your life savings can cause you sleepless nights. A lifetime income TontineIRA™ enables you to safely spend far more

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    Retirement shouldn't be about stock picking in your old age. Just take care of yourself and your TontineIRA™ will take care of the rest.


What the world says about us


Noah Balulis



I have to agree that most people do worry and think about their retirement in fear. It would be lovely to see this change. The world could surely become a happier, more exciting place.


Jonathan Chevreau

Financial Journalist



Tontines are easier to administer, cleaner and less capital-intensive and can be expected to generate rising payment streams over time, at least for those who live long enough to benefit from the superior mortality credits they provide. In a classical tontine, payments are initially quite low – at best comparable to the risk-free rate on bonds... But as retirees die, tontines become more attractive for those who survive. The last few survivors may receive 10 times more than they put into the scheme.


Raoul Pal

Founder & CEO

Real Vision TV


I love the idea of Tontines. They solve so many problems for retirees. These guys are bringing them back, super interesting.


Olivia S. Mitchell

Pensions Research Council @ Wharton



A tontine is an investment pool managed in an actuarially fair way, according to a plan for distributing fully-funded payouts to investors. There are two key differences between a tontine and an ordinary investment. First, tontine investments are generally irrevocable. Second, account balances are not transferred to a member’s beneficiaries upon death. Instead, remaining assets are equitably apportioned among the pool’s surviving participants. Accordingly, monies forfeited by those who die increase the returns to those who survive.

These extra returns are referred to as “mortality credits.” In this way, tontines allow members to collect lifetime income by collectively self-pooling longevity risk among themselves. This obviates the need for (and cost of) an insurer as guarantor. Tontines are not insurance, though they can deliver lifetime income similar to payout annuities and pensions. Tontines simply cut out the middleman.


Jason Sen

Derivatives Trader / Startup Founder

Intelligent AI Solutions


At 55, my biggest concern is the potential burden on my kids if I'm unable to work and an unexpected illness strikes. The Tontine-based pension product deals with this issue with a steady stream of funds for life to ensure the bills are always getting paid.


Gary S. Mettler

Financial Advisor & Author

The Annuity Maestro


First rate! I'm so excited about your effort I can barely stand it!


Jason Maggard

This is brilliant. I'm 50 and was in retirement planning a number of years back. All retirees with any amount of money FEAR outliving their money. So they rarely enjoy spending in retirement without guilt. So they scrimp and die someday with 10%-80% of their money left over. How great to know each year you last in retirement your standard of living goes up! Spend Enjoy More Is Coming Next Month. Brilliant!

Coming soon: the TontineIRA™ by Tontine Trust. Tontine Trust is a financial technology company, not a bank or chartered trust.