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What risks are there to the employer, governments or other sponsor of the pension?

Not only do tontine pensions provide true lifetime income pensions to the members but their sponsors also have zero exposure to the risks or liabilities that came with defined benefit (DB) pensions.

Our tontine pensions are more like collective defined contribution (CDC) pensions which have a 'defined ambition' to pay members 'target returns' which can adjust up or down over time depending on investment performance and mortality experience.

Is the level of contributions fixed/contractual?

No. Not unless the employer is legally or contractually obliged to pay into the pension on their employees' behalf.

Our standard pensions are personal pensions which can accept contributions from members and/or employers.

Can you offer 'white label' PEPPs?

For organisations with large numbers of members, we offer white-labelled PEPPs 'powered by TontineTrust'.

Can we convert our current DB or DC pension scheme into a Tontine PEPP?

In theory, yes.

However, this subject to the rules in your country and the specific regulation and funding status of your existing schemes. We work with Westerbrink, who are one of the top pension law consultancies in Europe, and we would be happy to discuss how we can help offer an alternative scheme for your members.

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