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We are funded by a Silicon Valley accelerator and fintech investors which are backing our tontine pensions to bring much needed disruption to the global pensions industry.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in our next funding round then please register below and let us know what you can bring to the table to help our mission.

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The world's pension

The global pensions industry is entering a much needed phase of disruption.

Existing solutions are unsustainable under the pressure of ageing populations and low-interest rates.

In the next decade alone, over 150 million people will retire in the OECD and face the prospect of outliving the balance of their retirement account.

Tontine-style pensions have now been endorsed by the OECD Pensions Policy Team opening up a global opportunity for risk-sharing pension platforms.

We are democratising pensions

We are on a social mission to bring fair, safe and cheap pensions to the billions of financially exposed people for whom retirement is a daunting prospect.

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We are working to become the most trusted name in pensions

Join us on our journey.

Our mission

To help everyone enjoy a long and prosperous retirement by creating a pension that's fit for an ageing population.

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Increasing retirement savings rates at all levels of society

By turning retirement savings into affordable lifetime income streams, we will ensure that the long-lived will never end up destitute in old age because they outlived their savings.

Our goals are to:

Provide a predictable level of retirement income
Improve the living standards of retirees
Relieve the stress of running out of money in old age

What do financial experts say about Tontines?

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Once you become a 'Tontiner', you will discover that the best way to get the most out of your pension is to take better care of your health.

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"Tontines are simple to understand!"

Traditional annuities are relatively expensive because their issuers must hold a large capital buffer. Retired people tend not to like them as they pay a low rate.

The Economist
The Economist

"Tontines are simply awesome"

Mortality credits enables investors to earn a type of guaranteed “alpha” not available in any other asset class. As you age and your mortality rate increases (e.g. 10% at age 80) then you are effectively earning this as a rate of return.

MarketWatch Column
MarketWatch Column
Wall Street Journal

"A 17th Century Solution to a 21st Century Problem"

What better product for our era than a crowd-sourced, peer-to-peer, sharing economy life insurance solution.

Huffington Post

"Love the idea of tontines!"

Tontines, they solve so many problems for retirees. (Tontine Trust) are bringing them back... super interesting.

Raoul Pal - CEO
Raoul Pal - CEO
Real Vision Finance TV

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