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The winds have changed

The headwinds that Tontine Trust faced since 2018 have turned; the winds are now blowing in favour of tontines. Find out what's happening below & how it affects you.

TON Money Syndicate Update

Most likely you are here because you participated in the Tontine Trust TON Token Sale (the 'Sale') and are looking to find out what's going on.
We have great news.
The Sale was arranged by Tontine Trust Technologies (BVI) Limited "TTBVI" which now owns 10% of the recently expanded Tontine Trust group 'Tontine Trust'.
This 10% is held on behalf of itself, the Sale participants and the advisors.
Once Tontine Trust has completed the current capital raise, TTBVI will be writing to qualifying participants in the Sale to propose a swap of their unclaimed TON$ for a share of the equity held by TTBVI in the expanded Tontine Trust.

See below for the further details which can be disclosed at this point on behalf of TTBVI.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you still getting listed on an exchange?

No, TTBVI has no plans to list TON$ on any exchange at this point.
Most stakeholders that want to own an asset of Tontine Trust would prefer to participate through convertibles or equities.

Therefore, rather than listing TON$ on an exchange, TTBVI intends to re-acquire the TON$ for shares, convertibles or rights to the shares in a 'swap' deal.

Can everyone participate in the swap?

No. TTBVI has been advised that certain holders cannot participate in the swap. Unless TTBVI can resolve this to their lawyers satisfaction, those subscribers will unfortunately have to accept a refund in of the amount of the original USD equivalent of the subscription(s) in USD in accordance with the terms of the original subscription agreement.

TTBVI is still working on this process to obtain further clarification and to ensure that everyone is treated equally. Further details will be provided in due course.

Should I participate in the swap?

Unfortunately neither Tontine Trust nor TTBVI can give investment advice.

When TTBVI sends the swap documents to you it is advisable to seek advice from an investment advisor as the swap will entail you potentially accepting an investment in a convertible or shares of an unlisted, early stage company and such investments carry a high degree of risk.

Will I receive share certificates instead of TON$?

Tontine Trust & TTBVI will set up new stakeholder portal accounts in https://www.CapDesk.com.
Once the swap is completed, investors will be invited to CapDesk.

What about my holder bonuses?

TTBVI is finalising the proposed swap terms such that they aim to represent a good uplift in value which is as good as if you had earned your holder full bonus entitlements.

TTBVI will communicate details in due course.

Is tontine planning to list on a stock exchange?

No. It is expected that there will be ample venture capital and other forms of finance available to Tontine Trust in the coming years and that there will be no need to subject the group to the burden of being a listed public company with quarterly reporting expectations.

That said, it might be possible that the shares will eventually begin trading on secondary private markets and/or alternative trading platforms such as Seedrs Secondary Market.

Seedrs have just completed a deal with CapDesk to enable this type of activity, but it is still unclear:
- How soon it will be implemented,
- Whether Tontine Trust will be eligible for inclusion, and
- Whether sufficient liquidity will develop in the shares of Tontine Trust.

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