Occupational tontines

We work with professional associations and occupational bodies who want to provide best-in-class retirement income protection for their self-employed members.
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How your members benefit from a tontine pension
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Studies show that tontine pensions significantly enhance pension wealth with no added risk. We are confident that this is the best-in-class pension for your members.

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Tontine Trust pensions benefit from award-winning transparency, with partner associations and professional bodies sitting on our board of trustees.

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By pooling their pension assets collectively, members benefit from the better value of institutional-only investment funds that are not available to individuals or smaller portfolios.

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The simplicity of a tontine pension increases trust, which encourages a greater willingness to save adequately for retirement.

MyTontine is already setting a new standard

A web and mobile app that enables users  to create their own bespoke pension designed to give the best lifetime income and peace of mind in retirement.

We aim to become the most trusted name in pensions

In the next decade alone, all the retirees will face the prospect of outliving the balance of their retirement account.
Existing solutions are unsustainable under the pressure of ageing populations and low-interest rates.
Welcome to the future of pensions.

Tontine Trust is..

A web based, EU registered Irish FinTech company made up of professionals with different backgrounds and experiences that is providing an easy entry to retirement planning inside every market, no matter the average national income.

What do financial experts say about tontines?
"Love the idea of tontines!"

Tontines, They solve so many problems for retirees. These guys are bringing them back... super interesting.

Raoul Pal - CEO
Real Vision Finance TV
"Tontines are simply awesome"

Mortality credits enables investors to earn a type of guaranteed “alpha” not available in any other asset class. As you age and your mortality rate increases (e.g. 10% at age 80) then you are effectively earning this as a rate of return.

MarketWatch Column
Wall Street Journal
"Tontines are unbelievably simple"

Compared to a traditional annuity you can explain tontines in two pages rather than 30-40-50.

Kent McKeever
Columbia Law School
"A 17th Century Solution to a 21st Century Problem"

What better product for our era than a crowd-sourced, peer-to-peer, sharing economy life insurance solution.

Huffington Post
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