Occupational Tontines

We work with professional associations and occupational bodies that want to provide best in class retirement income protection for their self employed members.

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How your members benefit from a tontine pension

Studies show that tontine pensions significantly enhance pension wealth with no added risk. We are confident that this is the best-in-class pension for your members.

In addition to providing award-winning transparency, our board of trustees includes representatives of partner associations and professional bodies.

By pooling the pension funds collectively, members benefit from the value of institutional only investment funds that are not available to individuals or smaller portfolios.

The simplicity of a tontine pension increases trust, which facilitates a greater willingness to save adequately for retirement.

MyTontine is already setting a new standard

Our web and mobile app enable users to create their own bespoke pension that will result in the best lifetime income and peace of mind in retirement.

Our engineers use state-of-the-art technologies, applied mathematics and machine learning to create what we believe is the safest, most trusted pension product in the world.

We aim to become the most trusted name in pensions

An estimated 35 trillion dollars is how massive the pension industry is right now, and with emerging economies joining the party, the need for a better, cheaper and efficient product is a feature that will soon become a standard amongst pension issuers.

Welcome to the future of pensions.

We are a web-based, EU registered  Irish FinTech company made of professionals with different backgrounds and experiences but united to solve a problem we don’t want to face in our later years.
We provide an easy entry to retirement planning inside every market, no matter the average national income.
The product we have built will create a long-lasting impact in the lives of millions.