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We've Been Saying it for Some Time now: Tontines Are Here To Stay

We have been following what experts are saying about tontines closely. Turns out, they think PEPP and tontines are going to revolutionise the pension industry.

We've Been Saying it for Some Time now: Tontines Are Here To Stay

While tontines are an ancient concept, the world is only just waking up to it as a viable retirement option for the future. With PEPP in full swing in the EU, we have been so excited by the opportunity to better so many people's lives and give them the best retirement options. It is an incredibly exciting thought when you realise that finally people are being put at the forefront of the pensions industry. Everyone can finally just plan the rest of their lives the way they want to, without worrying about running out of money.

The good thing is, seems like all the experts are agreeing with us. We followed along with the Brookings Institute's Virtual Event: New tools for a better retirement: Dashboards and tontine solutions for Americans and Better Finance's event trying to answer "Is PEPP the Solution?" to keep up with the industry experts think about Tontines and PEPP.

Let us break down the major highlights for you.

Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, foresees that PEPP will only increase pension adequacy for EU citizens. People will be able to retire with dignity and not have to worry about running out of money.

Additionally, Olav Jones, Deputy Director-General, Insurance Europe is confident that PEPP is giving rise to incredible innovation in the field of pensions and retirement. Good thing that TontineTrust is already ahead of the game and we are ready to launch in 27 countries in the next 2 years.

The Panel at Brookings Institutes event agreed with us: your retirement money yields higher returns with an investment in tontines since you’re not paying any agents at commercial companies.

Tontines can also be an inherently less costly investment compared to the commercial annuities market. Mark Iwry, Non-resident Senior Fellow - Economic Studies at Brookings Institute highlights some of the advantages of tontines that we have already been talking about! The biggest draw of a tontine is that you never run the risk of running out of money; you won't outlive your pension. Also, there is less need for regulation, inherently making it cheaper and more transparent when compared to a commercial annuities program.

Hey, we’re not saying it, the experts are.

Watch the quick highlights here and here.


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