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PEPPS and tontines: can Europe take a global pensions lead?

Tontine Trust are pioneering the first pan-European, low-cost, modern, pure 'tontine' pension which adheres to the model now recommended by the OECD.

PEPPS and tontines: can Europe take a global pensions lead?

Europe is leading the world towards an open pensions market where consumers can choose from best-in-class personal providers. The next evolution of pensions is for members of occupational schemes to be able to enjoy similar standards of governance and protection as those now afforded to private savers under the new Pan-European Personal Pensions Regulation.

This event highlights both the need for Pan-European Occupational Pensions ("PEOPs") and the benefits that can PEOPs can bring to members. These include enabling employer-sponsored access to sustainable lifetime income pensions, which can provide enhanced retirement income for savers but with no more risk for the employers than if they were contributing to a regular defined contribution scheme.

This event is a co-operation between CBBA-Europe and Tontine Trust.

The Cross Border Benefits Alliance-Europe (CBBA-Europe) is a Brussels-based advocacy organisation that exchanges ideas, good practices and innovative solutions in the field of the employee benefits, other social benefits and investments. These include - but are not limited to – pensions, healthcare, disability, long-term care as well as programmes for the well-being/wellness of people in the workplace and private life.

TontineTrust is the world's leading provider of tontine-based lifetime income pension solutions to governments, institutions and consumers. Tontine pensions enable a form of collective risk sharing which has been cited by the OECD, among others, as having the particular advantage of enabling consumers to enjoy higher incomes in retirement whilst at the same time mitigating their risk.

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