TontineTrust is the world’s first “RetireTech”

My Tontine App is a PEPPs as a service digital platform for retirement savings, create your tailor-made pension

Our platform enables savers to create their own 'do-it-yourself' pensions and know with high precision what their level of lifetime income in retirement will be.

Behind the scenes, our engineers have used state-of-the-art technology, applied mathematics and machine learning to create what we believe is the safest, most trusted pension product in the world.

But our members don't need to worry about the technology or what's happening in the financial markets. They can simply rest assured that they will never run out of money in retirement.

And there are secondary benefits too. Once you become a 'Tontiner', you will discover that the best way to get the most out of your pension is to take better care of your health.

So live long and prosper!

How it works

Tontine trust, growing monthly income pension

What we do

Our platform uses advanced technology to create and manage next-generation lifetime income pensions such as tontines or collective defined contribution (CDC) schemes.

In 2007, a BNY Mellon Asset Management research paper entitled “A Mutual Fund to Yield Annuity-Like Benefits” proclaimed the 400-year-old European tontine concept as the solution to the world's pension problem.

Ten years later, Dean, our founder encountered the challenges facing modern retirees and went seeking a solution. Frustrated at the options available, he discovered the significant body of academic research describing how tontines would be the perfect modern pension schemes for individuals, corporations and even states.

After three years of research & development, we have set up headquarters in Ireland, from where we are establishing the world's first new tontine pensions provider in 100 years.

TontineTrust is an award-winning fintech/fiduciary institution building a platform for issuing and operating tontine-style Pan-European Personal Pensions (PEPPs).

Working with consumer advocacy organisations we are already setting new standards for pension excellence amongst savers by using state-of-the art technology to enable simple, safe, transparent low-fee lifetime income pensions.

Following the launch of our MyTontine PEPP, our PEPPs-as-a-Service platform will enable tontine PEPPs to be offered by countries, savings associations, social partners and other fintechs.

What inspired us

When you reach retirement, you face what Nobel Prize winning economist Bill Sharpe describes as “the nastiest, hardest problem in finance”: how do you stop yourself running out of money?

84 per cent of savers want a solution that provides them with a lifetime income, but existing products just don't work.

The simple answer is to invest in a tontine and receive a monthly income for life that can be expected to rise over time.

This is why we started TontineTrust: to create the safest, most trusted and best value-for-money lifetime income pension in the world.

Our mission

Increase the savings rate at all levels of society based upon the 360 years of proven behavioural-science-driven popularity.

Turn retirement savings into affordable lifetime income streams that will ensure that the long lived, particularly women, will never end up destitute in old age because they outlived their savings.

Remove the considerable daily stress of retirees who live in fear of running out of money in retirement, thereby improving their quality of life in their golden years.

Founder Members


Jeremy Barisch-Rooney

Haskell & PureScript Engineer, MS in Computational Science


Richard K

Richard K Fullmer CFA

US Pension Fund Strategist & Tontine Pensions Expert



Dean McClelland

Founder/CEO/CXO, Robo-Actuary Inventor, Wants to live to 100



Rich Kent

Head of Structuring & Fund Governance Expert



Daniele Martini

UX Researcher, Analyst and Designer, HND in UX Design



Fernando Simião

UI Designer & Visual Artist, specialist in Branding and Logo Design



Alberto Menico

Digital Marketer & Search Engine Optimisation Specialist


Who We Work With

Westerbrink Pensions Law

Westerbrink Pensions Law

European Pensions Law Consultancy & Pan-European Pensions Specialists


Mason Hayes & Curran

Mason Hayes & Curran

MHC is Ireland's #1 Pensions Law Firm with 90 partners & 500 staff spread across Dublin, London, New York & San Francisco.


Irish Association of Pension Funds

Irish Association of Pension Funds

Established in 1973, the IAPF represents pension savers. Members are responsible for over €150 billion in retirement savings in Ireland.


Transparency Task Force

Transparency Task Force

Global community dedicated to increasing transparency in financial services


STAR Smoother Transfers

STAR Smoother Transfers

TontineTrust is a member of STAR which is a UK FCA endorsed alliance of 60+ world leading pensions & investment managers which are committed to making pension transfers simpler, cheaper & faster


Aging 2.0

Aging 2.0

Global community addressing the biggest challenges & opportunities in aging


History of tontine, Tontine Trust

History of Tontines

Back in 1653, retirees hated buying annuities, just like they do today. This was a growing problem for cities and countries which for centuries had funded themselves by issuing such schemes.

Lorenzo De Tonti, a former banker, proposed a simple but radical improvement to the two thousand-year-old annuity. When a retiree dies, instead of cancelling their payout for your own benefit, share it among the survivors so that their payouts will increase over time.

Initially rejected as too generous by the King of France, the first 'tontines' were issued in 1670 by the rich Dutch cities of Kampen and Groningen. France, England, Germany and Ireland followed as demand for tontines exploded from retirees all over Europe. Tontines immediately dominated the European pensions industry and would have continued to do so but for the arrival of central banks, which provided governments access to cheaper funding.

Then in 1876, Equitable Life in the US issued an annuity with tontine-like benefits. The tontine effect proved so popular that they came to constitute 64 per cent of revenues, growing the insurance industry by six hundred per cent until over half of American households owned a tontine pension.

The insurers, however, existed to serve their stockholders rather than their customers. As a result, rampant fraud emerged across the industry, including charging for unnecessary guarantees even though the customers were the ones taking all of the risk. Following a major investigation in 1906, the New York regulator banned them from profiteering at the expense of tontine members. The insurers were then compelled to withdraw the beloved tontines, returning to the hated - but far more profitable - guaranteed annuities which they still offer today.


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