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The MyTontine app lets you take control of your retirement.

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Retirement simplified

Once we receive your first MyTontine deposit, the TontineTrust platform will assign you to an anonymous pool of same-sex members who most closely match your age.
When your tontine pool reaches 10,000 members, it is closed to new entrants.

You then set your retirement start date in the app, and we will start notifying you as soon as your monthly payments commence.

Get started in minutes and begin enjoying the benefits

1. Open your account
2. Make your first deposit
3. Secure your Retirement
A lifetime income that rises over time
If you are on a fixed income, then inflation gradually eats away at your quality of life. Because tontine payments increase over time, they can be expected to beat inflation, particularly in later years.
Low fees and no conflicts of interest
Our 1% fees are the lowest in the lifetime income industry, and because we collect fees for as long as our members live, we want to help them live as long as possible.
Safety and certainty are paramount
Our trustees are legally obliged to act in the best interest of the members with regard to securing their tontine pension benefits. This represents a higher fiduciary duty of care than a fund manager, insurer, or financial advisor has towards its customers.
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Set your preferred level of retirement income

Use the Tontinator section of the MyTontine app to plan your dream retirement and confirm which retirement solution best suits your needs.

All you need to do is give the age at which you would like your benefits to start.

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Let's start with a smile

Create an account in the MyTontine app to see how easy it is to Tontinise your pension.

Because we register your face as your password, you will never be able to lose it, and it will be impossible for anyone else to access your income.

It also means we get to see your smile when you login to approve your payment each month!

Startup your pension

Once your first deposit is received, you are joined to an anonymous pool of members, typically of the same age and gender as you. Once each tontine pool reaches 10,000 members, it is closed to new entrants.

Top-up as much as you like and always on your terms

Even if the pool closes before you reach retirement age, you can still continue to top-up your tontine pension as often as you wish.

Keep in mind, though, that you can only keep topping up until the point at which you reach retirement, and your pension payouts start.

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Live long and prosper

The golden rule of a tontine is that when members pass away, they no longer need the income.
As a result, the remaining payouts are divided amongst the surviving fellow pool members in proportion to each member's past contributions.
As the number of members in the pool starts to fall, more capital and tontine credits are returned to shareholders.

This typically causes the payouts to rise faster than inflation and significantly faster in later years.