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Fixed income in retirement? No thanks!
How about taking a bet against yourself and live as long as realisable to enjoy the best possible retiree lifestyle one can only dream of?

Visiting the crater of a vulcano? Check!
Helping your sons to start-up their own dream business? Check!
Taking care of yourself independently and indefinitely? Check!
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According to the World Health Organisation, life expectancy globally has increased by more than six years between 2000 and 2019, meaning that most of us now can now expect to live into their 90s and beyond.
As new technologies enable even more rapid development of treatments, life expectancy will continue to increase in the future.

Are you making plans for your hundreds?
Global average life expectancy overtime
Improved life expectancy is a positive development, but running out of money is not!

This is why our tontine pension is the perfect fit for those who wants to enjoy life and fulfill their retirement dreams without ever worrying about money in their lifetime.

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Why a Tontine pension?

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A monthly income for life

Our tontine pensions pay a monthly income until age 120. We dare you to test us by living that long!

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Your income rises over time

Your income is expected to rise faster than inflation due to our unique 'tontine credits'.

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Enjoy dramatically lower fees

Our flat 1% annual fees are substantially lower than the costs of a life annuity.

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Award-winning transparency

The trust provides full visibility over the safety and sustainability of your income at all times.

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European Union safety levels

Our pensions adhere to the latest safety standards of the European Union pension directives.

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Data encryption

All personal identities and financial data are secured using advanced cryptography.

Five easy steps to enable your lifetime income in retirement

set up your tontine pension
1. Set your preferred level of retirement income

Use the Tontinator section of the MyTontine app to plan your dream retirement and confirm which retirement solution best suits your needs.

All you need to do is give the age at which you would like your benefits to start.

Create an account in the MyTontine app to see how easy it is to Tontinise your pension.

Because we register your face as your password, you will never be able to lose it, and it will be impossible for anyone else to access your income.

It also means we get to see your smile when you login to approve your payment each month!

2. Not your face, not your password
use your face as your password
fund your tontine pension account
3. Startup your pension

Once your first deposit is received, you are joined to an anonymous pool of members, typically of the same age and gender as you. Once each tontine pool reaches 10,000 members, it is closed to new entrants.

Even if the pool closes before you reach retirement age, you can still continue to top-up your tontine pension as often as you wish.
Keep in mind, though, that you can only keep topping up until the point at which you reach retirement, and your pension payouts start.

4. Top-up as much as you like and always on your terms
top up your pension account as much as you like
5. What happens after you set up your Tontine pension

The golden rule of a tontine is that when members pass away, they no longer need the income.
As a result, the remaining payouts are divided amongst the surviving fellow pool members in proportion to each member's past contributions.
As the number of members in the pool starts to fall, causes the payouts to rise faster than inflation and significantly faster in later years.

See it by yourself
It only takes 3 minutes to calculate your retirement income
Frequently asked questions

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How safe is a tontine pension?

In a tontine pension, the assets are held in trust for the members and invested in a suitably diversified portfolio of regulated assets as required under European Union pensions laws. The trust has no liabilities and is not allowed to engage in any borrowing. In contrast with bank deposits and insurance policies, the capital of the trust is separate from the balance sheet of the provider and as such the trust capital is not exposed to financial and operational risks. Additionally, recent Irish case law confirmed that in the event of a person (for example, an entrepreneur) being declared bankrupt by their creditors, their lifetime income pension from the trust is protected.

How is the tontine capital invested?

As required under the Pensions Act and European pensions directives, the tontine capital must be invested in a diversified portfolio of regulated investments.

Our tontine pensions go one step further by adhering to the new investment standards set down by the EU PEPP Regulations which advocate for regulated investments with a strong emphasis on infrastructure and ESG compliant investments.

As such, the tontine pension capital will be invested by established European investment managers with a bias towards stable long term investments which offer a degree of capital backing whilst at the same time providing protection against inflation.

What is a tontine?

A tontine is a legal agreement where people make an investment into a trust in return for the right to receive a regular income for as long as they live.

When a member passes away, their income is shared with the remaining members causing the surviving members income to rise.

Depending on the legal terms in the agreement, the tontine may end, for example, once the number of members falls below an agreed threshold or when all of the remaining members reach 100 years old.

What if I want to leave my money to my children?

Tontines are a great way to help you take care of your children financially now without them having to wait until you die.

With existing pension products, your children have to wait until you pass away to see if there is any savings left over.

In a tontine, you tontinise some of your savings to lifetime incomes for you and your spouse now and then you can immediately gift the balance to your children to help them to pay university fees, buy a house or start a business.

In doing so, you also remove the risk that you will become a financial burden to your children later because you will have already ensured you can never run out of money.

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