What a perfect pension looks like? Tontine Trust

Tontines '...enable investors to earn a type of guaranteed “alpha” not available in any other asset class.'

Source: Wall Street Journal Marketwatch

How your Tontine Pension works

My Tontine App is a PEPPs as a service digital platform for retirement savings, create your tailor-made pension

Create your bespoke Pension in the MyTontine app

Register in the MyTontine app & find out exactly what level of income you can expect to receive from age 65 up to age 120.

To ensure that nobody else can ever access your account, and so that you never have to remember your password, MyTontine will register your face as your password.

Make one or more deposits until you reach your lifetime income target

Once your 1st deposit is received, you are joined to an anonymous pool of members, typically of the same age & gender as you.

Once each tontine pool reaches 10,000 members, it is closed to new entrants.

Even after the pool is closed to new members, you and/or your employer can continue to top-up your tontine pension as often as you desire.

Tontine Trust follows PEPP Regulations as set by EIOPA

The Trustees invest the monies safely

The trustees are legally obligated to ensure that the contributions of the members are invested prudently in accordance with the Pensions Act & in the future under the PEPP Regulations as set by EIOPA.

The investments are held on behalf of the Trust in a globally recognised depository or custodian bank.

To fulfill our guarantee of absolute transparency to members, in the coming months we will start publishing live details of the investments being held at each depositary & custodian bank.

We regularly update your expected future payouts

Each month our patent-pending robo-actuary platform re-confirms your expected future payouts based upon investment performance & the remaining longevity of the members of your pool.

To ensure that each tontine remains 100% capable of sustaining your monthly payouts for as long as you live, the forecast payouts & the speed at which they are expected to increase at, is neither fixed nor guaranteed.

Rather, the robo-actuary platform makes regular micro-adjustments to mathematically guarantee the financial sustainability & integrity of the system.

Tontine Credits Boost your Payouts

The rule of a tontine is that when members pass away then they no longer need the income.

As a result, when a member passes away, their remaining payouts are divided among the surviving fellow pool members in proportion to each member's past contributions .

As the number of members in the pool falls, more capital & tontine credits are returned to the members which typically causes the payouts to rise faster than inflation & significantly faster in later years.

By the end, all of the capital will have been paid out

The monies are held in the Tontine Trust for the benefit of the members.

The Trustees are under a fiduciary duty to return this capital to the members at their discretion.

For example, when the number of members falls below a certain level, the trust may be liquidated so that the remaining capital is divided up & transferred to the surviving members.

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PEPPs are a new generation of personal pension products which comply with the European Union’s latest regulations creating the gold standard of personal pension product design in terms of value for money, transparency and governance. Once TontineTrustees's pension product completes it's registrations, it will be launched on the TontineTrust platform with the support of best of breed investment service providers with the aim to be available in 27 countries by the end of 2022. Neither TontineTrust, TontineTrustees nor TTRT offer or provide investment services.

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