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Tontines explained in under two minutes

People are living longer and thus need more money in retirement. So, how do we get more money? Well the answer might be easier than you think. Tontines.

MyTontine: The perfect pension for the 21st century

MyTontine is a web and mobile app that enables users to create their own bespoke lifetime income pension that enables them to look to the future with confidence.

We are using state-of-the-art technology, applied mathematics and machine learning to perfect what is increasingly recognised as the most sustainable and best value pension in the world.

Retirement simplified

Once we receive your first MyTontine deposit, the TontineTrust platform will assign you to an anonymous pool of same-sex members which most closely match your age.

When your tontine pool reaches 10,000 members, it is closed to new entrants.

You then set your retirement start date in the app and we will start notifying you as soon as your monthly payments commence.

Why Tontines?

Traditional private defined contribution pensions are no longer fit for purpose in a world of rising life expectancies.

Our tontine product is designed to both mathematically guarantee that a retiree's fund never runs out of money and offer payouts that are likely to increase over time.

This has been proven empirically, with tontines proving hugely successful in the past, as confirmed by multiple peer-reviewed studies.

Also, tontines have proved to be extremely successful and popular with consumers, earning plaudits over the centuries from luminaries such as 'the Father of Economics' Adam Smith who explained in his 1776 book 'The Wealth of Nations' that:

- Tontines are worth more than an equivalent annuity to the consumer;

- Tontines always attract more capital than annuities.

Tontines are also a much more transparent retirement product compared to traditional annuities.

Modern consumers expect increasing transparency not just over fees but also as to where their money is being invested.

TontineTrust plans to use distributed ledger technology to publish the details of all investments and associated fees paid by the Trust.

We believe that this radical transparency will ensure absolute protection of consumers' interests for generations to come and will set a new standard of trust and fairness in the pensions sector and the retirement products industry generally.

In this regard, we suggest you to look at this research conducted by the Canadian institute of actuaries in order to better understand why tontines are the future of pensions.

Six reasons to chose a tontine pension for your retirement

A monthly income for life

Our pensions pay you a monthly income until age 120 if you stick around that long.

Your income rises over time

Your income is expected to rise faster than inflation due to our unique 'tontine' credits.

Enjoy dramatically lower fees

Our flat 1% annual fees are substantially lower than the costs of a life annuity.

Award-winning transparency

The trust provide full visibility over the safety and sustainability of your income at all times.

End-to-end safety

The trust adheres to the safety standards of the latest European Union pension directives.

Data encryption

All personal identities and financial data is secured using advanced cryptography.

Learn more about how MyTontine works.

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