A new pensions era is upon us

Since 2022, the OECD has formally recommended all member governments to enable their DC plans to provide lifetime income using tontines or annuities for at least part of the balance.


Why a Tontine IRA™?

A monthly income for life


The Tontine IRA™ is designed to pay you monthly income even if you live to age 120. We dare you to test us by living that long!

Your income rises over time


Your income is expected to rise over time to protect your purchasing power from the effects of inflation.

Enjoy dramatically lower fees


Our fees are a flat 1% annually so that more of the available income is left for you.

Award-winning transparency


We work with the trustees to ensure that you have full visibility over the safety and sustainability of your lifetime income at all times.

Prudence is key


The trustees of your Tontine IRA™ have a fiduciary duty of care and are obligated to manage the trust assets in compliance with the principles of the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.

Data Security


All personal details and your financial data is secured using advanced cryptography.