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"The Financial World is having it's Tontine moment" - Prof. Moshe Milevsky

"The Financial World is having it's Tontine moment" - Prof. Moshe Milevsky

Prof. Moshe Milevsky, author of several seminal books & papers on tontines, was interviewed by David Emanual of D-Benefits Podcast.

It's a great listen with this great takeaway at the end:

Milevsky: Look, the world is having or the financial world is having its Tontine moment, if I can say it that way based on the interest in this topic so you know whether this will go anywhere will fade, I don't know it's tough to predict these things but it there's certainly a lot of interest in it people talking about it in a very established organizations, whether it's the World Bank or the OECD, talking about it you know there's something nice to see about it being that I was writing about this, you know 20 years ago and I've written 9 books.

I know that you sort of know that a topic is really taking off when & this was a while ago I was on a zoom call on some other thing and somebody asked me, Professor Have you heard of these things called tontines? I’m like, oh okay, so you know, it’s definitely going mainstream if they're asking me if I've heard of (David laughing in the background), if they had bothered searching looking googling others have I heard of tontines… Yeah vaguely vaguely.

, by Dean McClelland
Australia says G’day to its first modern tontine

Australia says G’day to its first modern tontine

Australia is the fourth-largest holder of pension assets globally despite being only the fifty-fifth most populous. Following a govt. ruling that superannuation firms must offer lifetime income pensions, Queensland has done their homework & realised that tontine pensions are the most effective way of helping retirees enjoy lifetime income in retirements.

, by Nick Sellens
Canada joins the global shift to tontine pensions.

Canada joins the global shift to tontine pensions.

Following hard on the heels of the OECD recommending that tontine pensions are made mandatory, OECD member Canada is reshaping its pension system.

Their planned new tontine pension does what it says on wa Variable payment life annuity, convill be called a Variable Payment Life Annuity, conveniently shortened to VPLA. The VPLA tontine will do exactly what it says on the tin and provide a payment stream that varies based on the performance of the underlying investments and the rate at which members pass away.

, by Nick Sellens

OECD: Tontines offer advantages & they are coming soon

Listen to the Principal Economist & Head of the Private Pension Unit at the OECD talking about the imminent launch of modern tontines

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