My Tontine App is a PEPPs as a service digital platform for retirement savings, create your tailor-made pension.

We aim to become the most trusted name in pensions

Multiple reports over many years show that financial services remains the least trusted industry sector while the technology sector continues to be the most trusted.

We believe that a technology-driven, fully transparent pensions and savings organisation has the potential to disrupt the status quo by offering direct-to-consumer products and partnering with mission-aligned organisations.

Tontine Trust follows PEPP Regulations as set by EIOPA

We are backed by real people

So far, TontineTrust has been funded by over a hundred individuals in addition to the founder, directors, advisors and the team members many of which accept shares in lieu of salary because they are so motivated to see the company succeed.

Our Shared Goal

Our shared long term goal is to become 'billionaires' which we define as helping over a billion people to enjoy happy rewarding retirements based secured by our platform.

With 2 billion people in the world already aged over 50 and that number rising fast, there are plenty of people that need our help to save & enjoy a sustainable lifetime income in retirement.

We are a 'for-purpose' as well as a 'for-profit'

For organisations to succeed, they must generate a positive return on invested capital. TontineTrust is no different.

As a digital first operator our business model & platform is fully scalable into any region and as with any tech company, as we grow the cost of supporting additional members 'approaches zero'.

Therefore, to become profitable, we don't need to push up charges to consumers, we simply need to find cost effective ways to grow the number of consumers that we are helping.

What the big names think of us

The following are direct quotes from organisations that speak to us

Anytime we discuss innovation we are asked if we have heard about TontineTrust. Frankly, we are sick of it!

You are the world's first 'RetireTech' and when you come to the US then we are your natural partner.
Someone is going to 'Uberise' the pensions industry using a platform model.

We can't do it, it's too innovative, but we think you can. Let's talk.
This is a genius solution that can do more to raise global pension participation rates within a few years than we as the World Bank have achieved in two decades.

Are you a fintech investor that wants to help millions of people to have a better retirement?

If so get in touch with us to request access to our upcoming funding round.

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TontineTrust is building a platform which supports the issuance of risk sharing lifetime income products such as tontine pensions. TontineTrustees is a Designated Activity Company operating as a Pensions Institution engaged in the business of granting lifetime income pensions linked to human life. It's first pension when launched will also seek approval to be classified as one of Europe's first Pan-European Personal Pension Products or 'PEPPs'.

PEPPs are a new generation of personal pension products which comply with the European Union’s latest regulations creating the gold standard of personal pension product design in terms of value for money, transparency and governance. Once TontineTrustees's pension product completes it's registrations, it will be launched on the TontineTrust platform with the support of best of breed investment service providers with the aim to be available in 27 countries by the end of 2022. Neither TontineTrust, TontineTrustees nor TTRT offer or provide investment services.

Certain activities carried out by TontineTrust will be subject to the supervision of the Pensions Authority. Such activities include acting as a Registered Administrator for occupational pension schemes and group personal pensions. As these services are not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland they are not covered by the Investor Compensation Scheme.