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We are disrupting the pension industry with technology and AI
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Bringing fair, safe and cheap pensions to billions of financially exposed people
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Trillions global pension market

75 M

People will retire during this decade.


Certainty for retirees in the future.


In the next decade alone, all the retirees will face the prospect of outliving the balance of their retirement account.
Existing solutions are unsustainable under the pressure of ageing populations and low-interest rates.

Breakthroughs in medical science and improvements in living conditions mean that people are living longer. According to the World Health Organisation, life expectancy globally has increased by more than six years between 2000 and 2019, meaning that most of us now can now expect to live into their 90s.
As new technologies enable even more rapid development of treatments, these percentages are likely to increase.
While improved life expectancy is a positive development, retirees will now need to make their savings last for longer.

The global pension crisis
Global average life expectancy overtime

Of woman aged 65 today will live beyond 90


Of man aged 65 today will live beyond 90

84% of retirees want a solution, but very few buy an annuity

According to the Wall Street Journal, most baby boomers fear running out of money in retirement more than they fear death itself. Knowing that more and more of us are likely to live to 100 years old, calculating how much of your savings you can safely afford to spend every week in retirement is impossible.
This is why the broader market is in need for a retirement product that is simple to use and adoptable by any present and upcoming generation.

The need for a better product inspired by technology

We are starting out on a ten-year journey to becoming the number one name in world pensions. Why are we so confident? Because only our technologically advanced pensions, with their low cost, universal accessibility, unbeatable value and, most importantly, self-funding advantage, can solve the global retirement crisis. 

Step forward the tontine!

We are using state-of-the-art technology, applied mathematics, and machine learning to perfect what is increasingly recognised as the most sustainable and best value pensions in the world.
MyTontine is a web and mobile app that empowers users to create their own bespoke lifetime income pension, enabling them to look to the future with confidence.

See it in action!
Why retirees will choose our tontine pension
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A monthly income for life

Our pensions pay a monthly income until age 120. We dare anyone to live that long!

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Increasing income

The income we provide is expected to rise faster than inflation due to our unique 'tontine credits'.

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Dramatically lower fees

Our flat 1% annual fees are substantially lower than the costs of a life annuity.

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Award-winning transparency

The trust provides full visibility over the safety and sustainability of incomes at all times.

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European Union safety levels

Our pensions adhere to the latest safety standards of the European Union pension directives.

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Data encryption

All personal identities and financial data are secured using blockchain technology.

Invest in the future of pensions

Have you ever dreamed that you were an early-stage investor in one of those billion-dollar technology unicorns? Does getting in at level zero in a globally dominant company appeal to you? If that’s the case, ensure you don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity presented by Tontine Trust. We know we are on to something huge.
Pensions are an outdated $50 trillion industry that is crying out to be modernised, and our brilliant and unique MyTontine retirement product is the right solution at the right time. 

Tontine pension
Life Annuities

Solves the #1 consumer need (Income never runs out)

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Consumers rate the product as “fair”

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The Income rises over time

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The consumer is protected from market risk

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The product is simple & transparent

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The product charges low fees

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The product is suitable for the 550m Islamic consumers

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There is limited risk of issuer bankruptcy

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What do financial experts say about tontines?
"Love the idea of tontines!"

Tontines, They solve so many problems for retirees. These guys are bringing them back... super interesting.

Raoul Pal - CEO
Real Vision Finance TV
"Tontines are simply awesome"

Mortality credits enables investors to earn a type of guaranteed “alpha” not available in any other asset class. As you age and your mortality rate increases (e.g. 10% at age 80) then you are effectively earning this as a rate of return.

MarketWatch Column
Wall Street Journal
"Tontines are unbelievably simple"

Compared to a traditional annuity you can explain tontines in two pages rather than 30-40-50.

Kent McKeever
Columbia Law School
"A 17th Century Solution to a 21st Century Problem"

What better product for our era than a crowd-sourced, peer-to-peer, sharing economy life insurance solution.

Huffington Post
We are the first mover in this space, Join us!

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About Tontine Trust

Tontine Trust is a fintech startup headquartered in Ireland from where it is pioneering the future of pensions.
The Tontine Trust platform delivers low-cost lifetime income pensions to governments, institutions and individual savers using a collective risk-sharing model which is now endorsed by the OECD, the UK Department of Work & Pensions as well as numerous academics and respected think tanks around the world.

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