We invest sustainably

In addition to wanting our members to live long and rewarding retirements we want them to be able to enjoy the world that they retire in which is why we invest with an eye on the future as well as on the balance sheet.

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy

The regulations we follow state that the capital of our members should be invested according to 'ESG' principles.

This also makes financial sense because recent studies indicate that ESG compliant portfolios tend to marginally outperform non-ESG portfolios with slightly less risk.

How we take care of investors?

Limit the risk with judicious use of investment capital

Our investment process prioritises the preservation of the value of our clients’ contributions while at same time achieving a rising lifelong return that keeps pace with inflation.
We are confident in our ability to deliver upon our generous payout forecasts while running a highly conservative portfolio due to the fact that the majority of the income paid to members derives from 'Tontine Credits'.

We are committed to work with the best-in-class

We believe a depth and longevity of expertise is vital in delivering the best investment outcomes for our members.
To this end, our investment policy is overseen by a board of trustees with many decades of combined investment industry experience.
Their focus is to appoint and manage relationships with world-class asset managers who have proven ability to build well-diversified portfolios that both preserve capital and generate steady income across economic cycles.

A strong regulatory backstop

Our members benefit from the peace of mind that the capital contributions they make will be managed in accordance with strict EU-wide regulation.
We adhere to the PEPP ‘prudent person’ rules which stipulate that, among other requirements, our portfolio must be broadly diversified, limited in its use of derivatives, not exposed to excessive leverage and invested predominantly in regulated markets.

How we take care of investors?

The fiduciary duty of care. Our trustees are required to act in a 'fiduciary' capacity.

This means that they must always act in the best interests of our members and adhere to the prudent person rule.

Unlike some pensions institutions, we prohibit conflicts of interest such as the receipt of commissions or 'kickbacks' from fund managers or investment banks.

Any fee rebates etc. negotiated by the trustees must be credited to the portfolio for the benefit of the members.


European long-term investment funds or "ELTIFs" are an initiative of the European Commission to safely boost the level of non-bank investment in the 'real economy' across Europe.

ELTIFs are highly regulated funds which are designed to provide a steady income stream and produce attractive long-term yields.

ELTIFs achieve these returns by channelling capital into a broad range of asset classes such as infrastructure projects, real estate as well as listed and unlisted SMEs which are suitable for long-term capital investment.

Are you an ELTIF provider or an ESG fund manager?

If you want to help millions of people to have a better retirement as much as we do, get in touch. We will be happy to hear from you!