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Tontine Pensions - The OECD Pensions Outlook 2020

The OECD and the Arab Pensions Conference discuss tontines, the future of pensions and how people pool together to share their longevity risk using a tontine.

Joint Webinar by OECD and the Arab Pensions Conference to discuss the future of pensions as set out in the OECD Pensions Outlook Report which is published every 2 years to guide pension policy makers at their 37 member states.

This edition introduced a new term (Covid) and Chapter 6 focused on an old term (Tontines) which many around the world have predicted to transform the nature of modern retirement.

The report explains the benefits of risk sharing tontines and tontine annuities for governments, issuers and retirees concluding that they "offer real benefits... even without an external guarantee from (an insurer). This means that all participants can increase their retirement income".  

Chapter 6 can be read here

The full report can be purchased here:

To find out more about how to create or participate in a Tontine pension just subscribe at

Our thanks to Ebrahim K Ebrahim, Chairman of the annual Arab Pensions Conference & his team at Fintech Robos for hosting this important event, the full version of which can be viewed here:

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